Yungay District: A place for leisure, art, culture, bookshops...

Lose yourself in this area and let yourself soak up its working class and bohemian feel. And discover La Serena...

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Yungay District: A place for leisure, art, culture, bookshops...

Bohemian character.

A working class and lively neighbourhood, which each year celebrates the anniversary of its creation; set to commemorate the triumph of the Battle of Yungay in 1839 when Chile was victorious over the confederation of Peru and Bolivia. At the beginning of the 20th century wealthy families moved in, but it ended up being populated by the middle and lower class and for a few decades it was somewhat neglected. The change happened in the 90s, when it underwent a process of renovation and refurbishment which transformed it into a bohemian area of the city par excellence. The highlights of the district are the Monument to the Chilean "Roto", a colloquial way of referring to the man in the street, the average citizen, and the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre in memory of the Nobel Prize for Literature winner who studied in this district, where Rubén Darío also lived for a while. The district was declared an official Scenic Area in 2009 by the Council for National Monuments and the best thing to do is to wander through the area without anything particular in mind or to join one of the guided tours offered by various organizations in the area. Whilst you're walking you'll notice a number of bars, but nothing compares to El Serena (441, Brasil Avenue), which "was always there", for as long as the oldest residents can remember, but whose history nobody knows.

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