Typical Israeli souvenirs for yourself or your family.

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Challah, matzah or other textiles

Classic Israeli souvenirs with heirloom potential

Tel Aviv offers much in the way of fine-quality souvenir candidates. Some of the most popular are challah or matzah, fabrics used to cover tables for Shabbat or other Jewish celebrations. Other religiously-oriented Judaica which are amply available include menorahs, mezuzahs, or kiddush cups (these last particularly from the village of Cesarea, famed for the quality and tradition of its ceramics). And of course many visitors return home with Israeli jewelry such as multicoloured watches made from malachite from Eilat, on the Dead Sea. Many of the aforementioned products can be found in a variety of shops, but if you're interested in bargaining on price, you'll be able to do so at street stands rather than in shops.

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