Easily recognisable by its architecture, this is a spot you must not miss in order to understand this country.

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Cymbalista Synagogue

A melding of cultures before your eyes.

One of Tel Aviv's most salient characteristics is its cultural and religious diversity. This has led to a good deal of conflict over its history, but it has also turned it into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world today. And when it comes to religion, while there are significant Muslim and Catholic populations, the majority faith is of course Jewish. So visitors should not miss a visit to the Cymbalista Synagogue - not because it is historic (it was built in 1998), but because besides being a place of prayer it serves as a premier centre of Jewish history. Located at the University of Tel Aviv, this curious parallel-cylyndrical structure makes it hard to miss and hard to forget. Spots not to miss inside include the Bet Midrash, a hall oriented toward the west, and the prayer room oriented toward the east.

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