Its benefits for skin and body by now well known, the Dead Sea can now be yours for the taking home (a little piece of it, anyway).

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Dead Sea cosmetics

The Dead Sea at (and on) your fingertips.

The Dead Sea has been called the world's biggest spa - a unique spot thanks to its conditions and the composition of its waters and mud. Besides being tremendously relaxing, these waters are greatly beneficial, so they say, for the human body, benefiting circulation, skin, and hair, among other systems. For years, companies have commercialised all kinds of cremes, soaps, shampoos, and essences based on theses waters and muds, and here in Israel they are not difficult to find; any shop or stall downtown or in Shenkin Street will carry these products. One retailer which specialises in almost every available line of such products is Super Pharm at 10 Bialik Street.

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