To know this country, as they say, is to love it, and there's no better place to do so than this museum.

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Eretz Israel Museum

A look back at the earliest origins of this country.

This museum was built on the spot where one of its foremost treasures was found - ancient votive mosaics, specifically the floors of a Samaritan prayer house. Its various levels and rooms illustrate the important highlights of the history of Tel Aviv, the state of Israel, and the region prior to their establishment, through objects and text, including archaeological testimonials and relics dating back to Napoleonic battles or the arrival of the Ottoman Turks in the region. There's also a permanent exhibition of Israeli pottery/ceramics, coinage, and folk art which will help you better understand the personality of this diverse country and its powerful cultural currents. The museum is located on Haim Levanon Street.

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