A look at some key historic events which influenced the direction of Israel, as embodied by this influential figure.

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Jabotinsky Institute

Homage to a seminal figure of Zionism.

Raised in Russia, Ze'ev Vladimir Jabotinsky became one of the most influential activists in the world Zionist movement founded in the late 19th century, based on the cultural and pseudo-religious precepts that Jews of the diaspora should return to Palestine. Until his 1940 death in the United States, Jabotinsky was one of the main advocates whose campaign did eventually result in the establishment of the state of Israel 8 years later. This museum is an homage to that life's work. Although world opinion certainly remains divided on the matter, this is without a doubt a critical part of the history of Israel, and as such highly recommended if you want to understand the country and its culture. Located at 38 King George Street.

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