Well worth a visit not just for its performances but for its architecture and design.

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Mann Auditorium

A most impressive stage indeed.

The Mann Auditorium was a project designed to promote pride among the Israeli people, and with the passage of time it has become one of the most important stops on the international cultural circuit. This building mixes an expansive, impressive exterior which by itself is worth a look-see, with top-notch interior acoustics. There's also a wry anecdote connected with the centre. Visiting mayor of Berlin (and later chancellor of Germany) Willy Brandt was moved by the mistaken belief that the auditorium was named for German writer Thomas Mann. Informed that the Mann in question was in fact Frederic Mann, Brandt asked, "What did he write?" The reply? "A check." Be that as it may, today this stage is one of the most highly desired by artists the world over.

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