A different kind of shopping itinerary to rub shoulders with real locals as they go about their hectic lives.

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The Yemeni Neighbourhood

Hullaballoo and shopping - lots of shopping.

Do something a little different and venture off the beaten path into Tel Aviv's Yemeni neighborhood along Nahalat Binyamin Street. It's lined with shops on either side as well as street carts, and you can find almost any item you can think of - many items for locals, of course, such as clothing and accessories, but also local foods, jewelry, and crafts. Just keep in mind that it will require a bit of attitude adjustment - no casual sauntering and leisurely window shopping here, but rather mixing in with the hectic jostle and flow of the locals. The end of the market blends in with the Carmel Market, the city's most popular area for food shopping, as well as into the surrounding streets.

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