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Flight updates due to the evolution of Coronavirus:

You can check the latest flight updates on coronavirus. if your flight is affected you can request for a bonus through Manage your booking.

If, for any reason, we have not been able to answer your question, please contact us on:

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How to plan your journey in COVID times: Your journey step by step

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, travelling has become a little more complicated and you may well have concerns about how to organise a trip, from the health and safety measures to choosing a destination that is open to travellers.
We'll try and help you with everything we possibly can to make it easier for you to plan your journey

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How can I get information on an open case?

If your query is about luggage delays (PIR), you can get further information on the telephone provided when making the claim at the airport or on the online service luggage follow-up

If the question is about Iberia Plus, please contact your Iberia Plus service centre by mail, fax or telephone.

If your query is of any other nature not included in the above, we are sorry if you have not received a reply. Our customer support team is working on it, and although our maximum reply time is 21 days, sometimes information is required from others and it can take longer.

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Who can I contact to recover an item left?

To ask for items left at the airport (departure lounges, security controls, etc.), you should approach the lost property office of the airport in question.
For contact details of the airports, please visit the website of the airport concerned.

Iberia only processes items left in its aircraft, VIP Rooms, UMs or buses taking them to/from the aircraft.

From the second day you can search at lost and found.

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Iberia on Social Networking Sites

Discover all of our profiles on social networks. You will see we are working on each of them and invite you to share everything you need with us.

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Corporate responsibility at Iberia

Iberia's involvement in social issues is as long as its history. This active collaboration in the community prioritises vulnerable children and child health, assistance in humanitarian emergencies, and the inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion.

If you would like more information

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Do you know your rights as a passenger?

The European Union has established passengers rights as regards airlines and is working on strengthening them. These are the main rights enjoyed by passengers.

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