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Discover the
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At Iberia we are firmly committed to sustainability and sustainable development, and we have therefore defined an ambitious sustainability strategy to help us adopt the recommendations of the Paris Agreement. The renewal of the fleet, a strong commitment to sustainable fuel and the efficiency of our operations are the three prongs of the climate transition plan we have launched, which aims among other things to reduce the carbon footprint per passenger by 10% in 2025 compared with 2019.

You can discover the carbon footprint of your flight measured in CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).


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How does the carbon emissions calculator for our flights work?

Our CO2e calculator, whose methodology has been certified by AENOR, uses actual fuel consumption data obtained from an extensive database of Iberia flights, allowing us to capture the following variables and more accurately estimate carbon footprint results:

Tipo de avión


The type of aircraft affects the carbon footprint of each flight. We are renewing our fleet with the most modern and sustainable aircraft on the market to improve our efficiency.



The weather conditions have to be taken into account to obtain as accurate a carbon footprint as possible—as varying wind conditions can affect flight-specific emissions.



We carry out several measures to optimize the efficiency of every flight, such as initiatives to reduce fuel consumption, more efficient flight operations, on-board load adjustments, and more.

Tipo de cabina

Cabin type

The type of cabin also impacts the carbon footprint because the space occupied by each passenger is lesser or greater depending on the cabin: Economy, Premium Economy or Business.

Certified by
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1Actual fuel consumption data are used for routes operated by the Iberia Group. For all other routes, the result is an estimation calculated through the Chooose platform.


Discover our sustainability strategy

We want to fly to a better future
We are committed to sustainable development and for this reason have joined the United Nations Global Compact. Our main environmental goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, in line with the recommendations of the Paris Agreement.

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