Archaeological and Historical Museum of San Antón Castle

Once a military fortress, then a prison, San Antón Castle's current incarnation as a museum is much more edifying, with exhibits dating back to prehistory.

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Archaeological and Historical Museum of San Antón Castle

Fascinating exhibits in a centuries-old defensive fortress.

A stone fortress built on A Coruña Bay between the 16th and 18th centuries, the Castillo de San Antón was meant to defend the city against naval and sea pirate attacks. Then in the 19th and up to the mid-20th century it was used as a prison for criminals as well as malcontents and military and political prisoners. The archaeology/history museum currently occupying the premises was established in 1968. It displays pieces dating back to prehistory not just about the fort itself but covering all Galicia, with sections such as mediaeval history and heraldry, plus the history of the edifice itself.

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