Some ravishing reliefs in the first, sumptuous sculptures in the second.

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Convent of the Barbaras and Convent of Santo Domingo

A key convent and monastery to scope out.

Dedicated to St. Clare, the Convent of the Barbaras dates from the second half of the 15th century, and today is the cloistered convent of the Poor Clares. Located in the heart of the Old Town at Plazuela de Santa Bárbara No. 5, it has beautiful stone walls, including a mediaeval exterior relief depicting the Last Judgment, a relief inside the chapel showing the Virgin and Child, along with St. Barbara and St. Catherine. Meanwhile, the Gothic Convent of Santo Domingo, located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, was built in the 13th century outside the city walls. In the year 1589, it was used by Francis Drake as a fort and largely destroyed when the British withdrew. It was rebuilt between 1596 and 1617 with Renaissance and Baroque influences, then again in 1762 after a landslide. Inside are a trio of significant sculptures made by Mateo Prado in 1653, of St. Thomas, St. Peter Martyr and St. Dominic.

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