Designed by award-winning young architects, it houses more than 15,000 objects documenting our scientific/industrial age.

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La Coruña National Science & Technology Museum

An attention-getting glass cube showcases the history of science and tech back to the 16th century.

Popularly called MUNCYT for short, the A Coruña Science and Technology museum focuses on science education, conservation, and the history of science and technology. The main branch is housed in the so-called Glass Prism, at Plaza del Museo Nacional 1. This glass cube of a building, designed by architects Victoria Acebo and Ángel Alonso, was awarded the National Youth Architecture Prize at the Biennial of Spanish Architecture. In addition to plenty of temporary exhibitions, it also has a collection of some 15,000 artifacts - scientific instruments, tech devices, vehicles, tools - dating back to the 16th century. Open daily except Monday.

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