Restaurants specialising in octopus are a thing in Spain and especially Galicia. Here are two of the best around.

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Pulpería O Fiuza and Pulpería Melide

Tempting tentacles, in top spots for a Galician national favourite: octopus.

A pulpería is perhaps unique to Spain and especially popular in Galicia: a restaurant specialising in squid, and O Fiuza and Melide are at the top of the category - the first in the Montealto district and the second right downtown on Plaza de España. The former, crowded any given day of the week, is a traditional spot with barrels and low wood tables, along with a menu that's simple and to the point: Galician empanada (tuna turnover), sausages, and the speciality of the house pulpo à feira - boiled sliced octopus sprinkled with coarse salt, paprika, and olive oil (often served con cachelos, with local potatoes). It should set you back an average of just 10 euros a head. For its part, Pulpería Melida has earned a reputation as not just the best pulpería in town but in all Galicia - no small achievement. The quality and affordability of both spots make them local favourites as well as your own best bet to sample a Galician classic.

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