Spanish Modernism may have been centred in Catalonia, but it was received with enthusiasm in A Coruña, too - as this itinerary shows.

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The Modernist (Art Nouveau) Route

The many local expressions of this organic art/architecture of the early 20th century.

Art Nouveau/Art Deco (called Modernism in Spain) made an impact all over the country, and arrived in A Coruña via architects Ricardo Boán and Antonio López Hernández around 1908. Coruña's Modernism was deeply influenced by British architect Owen Jones' Grammar of Ornament, which encouraged local artists to decorate the city's doorways, façades, and galleries with organic forms including plants, flowers, and leaves, as well as a more ecologically-inspired architecture. You can observe this influence in buildings such as Casa Molina, Casa Rey, Casa Fonte de San Andrés, Casa Salorio, the Plaza de Lugo, and more.

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