From a museum of Picasso's home to the school he attended and the places that inspired him, art fans can get insight into one of the 20th century's foremost artistic geniuses.

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The Picasso Route

Where the focus is on Picasso, who lived and started painting in A Coruña.

Not many realise that Pablo Picasso lived in A Coruña when he was very young, from 1891 to 1895, when his father taught at the School of Fine Arts. Today the city has not just a Picasso Home-Museum (covered in the museums section of this guide) but also a testament to the bonds the future painter established with the city and its most beautiful places, such as the Tower of Hercules, Riazor Beach, and Santa Margarita Park. It was here that Picasso began painting, and where he had his first exhibition, in an old establishment on the popular, centrally located Calle Real. The Picasso Route will take you to the home-museum at Calle Paio Gómez 14; Plaza de Pontevedra, where young Pablo studied; Plaza de Riazor and the Tower of Hercules, where he painted and was inspired; the Santo Amaro Cemetery, where his sister Conchita is buried; the School of Arts and Crafts, which he attended; and other spots like the Rosalía de Castro Theatre and Calle Real, where Picasso was inspired to paint themes of Coruña's life and times.

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