The coast is dotted with various pristine coves with spectacular views.

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Beaches of Asturias

Sandy stretches of peace and beauty.

In a country famous for its beaches, Asturias may not be exactly celebrated for its own strands on the chilly Cantabrian Sea, but if you're up here in the summer, they do definitely merit a visit as lovely, uncrowded, and authentic oases of tranquility with some absolutely stunning views. In Colunga, northeast of Oviedo and east of Gijón, head for Playa La Griega at the mouth of the Libardón River, which affords marvelous views of the town of Lastres as well as a look at fossilised tracks dating back to the Jurassic, or for Playa La Isla. In Ribadesella, go to Playa de Vega; over in Cudillero, time stands still in Playa del Silencio; next to Cudillero, in Muros de Nalón, try Playa de Aguilar. And even back in the big city of Gijón, it seems unlikely that a beach right in the centre of town could seem idyllic, but though it's quite popular during summer holidays, there's still plenty of room along Playa San Lorenzo's 1,500-metre (4,920-foot) length. You can pretty much cruise this beautiful coast and choose the beach which most appeals to you.

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