Church of the Franciscan Fathers and of Sabugo of Avilés

We urge you discover the interiors of these churches of great historic significance.

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Church of the Franciscan Fathers and of Sabugo of Avilés

Two churches worth seeing in Avilés.

In the centre of the city, the Church of the Franciscan Fathers is the oldest in town, dating from the 12th century. From its Romanesque façade you will delight in the smell of the nearby sea. Inside, you will be able to visit lovely chapels, as well as an impressive rose window which tints the light with different colours. On one side of the altar there is also a mausoleum holding the mortal remains of Pedro Menéndez, founder of the first Spanish settlement in what is today the United States. The church of Sabugo, which takes its name from the surrounding neighbourhood, is an imposing Gothic-style building with Romanesque influences, and is currently used as a cultural centre. Information:

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