A must for anyone who wants to understand Asturias and its people.

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Museum of the Asturian People (Gijon)

Asturian culture and its secrets.

Discover the tradition, folklore and true essence of the Principality of Asturias in this museum, where a great many photographs, documents, and even musical instruments will bring you face to face with its culture. You'll also hear the stories of its people, including the many who emigrated to the far corners of Spain's empire, in old letters donated by local families. In the Bagpipe Museum you'll see this instrument in all its splendour, tracing its evolution from the most ancient to the most recent, and not just in Asturias but in the rest of the world. But not only the bagpipes are typical of Asturias: you'll find many of the other instruments played in this corner of Spain as well, such as flutes, horns and castanets.

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