Lovely scenery and views over the city combine with a chance to discover some of Spain's oldest Pre-Romanesque monuments.

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Naranco Hill

A hill just above Oviedo with some of its most precious historic monuments.

Head up Naranco Hill's gentle slopes until you have all of Oviedo at your feet. Crowned by a 30-metre (98-foot) sculpture of Christ with arms outspread, it includes recreational areas and an overlook, but most notably two of the finest pre-Romanesque monuments in Europe, the pair of 9th-century churches of Santa María del Naranco (originally built as a recreational royal palace) and San Miguel de Lillo. The road up is pretty but narrow, past restaurants, riding clubs, and cider pubs. Wear comfortable shoes and lose yourself a little up here (it's a great spot for biking, too, if you happen to have rented wheels).

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