Niemeyer International Cultural Centre of Avilés

An astonishing architectural vision on the edge of an estuary.

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Niemeyer International Cultural Centre of Avilés

An avant-garde gift from the great architect Niemeyer.

On the shores of the Ría de Avilés estuary is a spectacular avant-garde structure that's the only work in Spain by the legendary Brazilian architect Óscar Niemeyer, who designed it in 2006 as a gift to the principality for the 25th anniversary of the Prince of Asturias Prizes (awarded to Niemeyer in 1989). The building's white, yellow, and red colours contrast with the blue of the sky and water, and its impressive curves and silhouettes leave visitors astounded. All sorts of cultural events are held here, including workshops, exhibitions, concerts, film series, and theatre works. It's an architectural masterpiece which has decisively changed not just the urban landscape of this city but also its cultural scene.

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