Warning: those with a sweet tooth will not be able to leave until they've sampled everything.

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Peñalba Bonbons (Oviedo)

Hand-crafted chocolate candy.

Located on the famous Milicias Nacionales Avenue, this legendary and historical establishment is the descendant of a cafeteria opened in 1928 on downtown's Calle Uria with the same name, and whose owner decided in 1930 to dedicate his talents to the production of hand-crafted chocolates. The interior décor as well as the intensely sweet smell in the air will make you think you've stepped back in time, as if you were buying chocolates at the beginning of the twentieth century. Just walking past the front door, in fact, you'll think it's a fancy shop selling exclusive products before you think it's the Asturian chocolate paradise. If you have a sweet tooth, don't hesitate to go in, though, and try its bonbons and 'carbayones', a local, very typical and utterly delicious pastry.

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