Ribadesella Caves/Tito Bustillo Cave

An underground discovery of prehistoric cave painting that's a fascinating window into the earliest epoch of our species.

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Ribadesella Caves/Tito Bustillo Cave

Art from the dawn of humanity.

There are just a few places in the world where you can experience prehistoric cave art in its natural setting, and they include northern Spain. The Ribadesella Caves are one reason why. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they include Tito Bustillo Cave, almost completely painted (including a rare image of a whale); Cuevona de Ardines, whose dimensions will overwhelm you (its ceiling is 40 metres/131 feet high) and whose stairway will take you on a great tour through the cavern; and the Cuevona del Agua, intersected by the road itself, a monument created by nature which produces an odd sensation in whomever crosses it. Admittance to the caves is limited each day, so we recommend you reserve in advance to assure your spot, via www.centrodearterupestredetitobustillo.com.

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