The Asturias Vaqueiro (Cattle Herders') Museum

Discover how Asturias' cattle herders lived until very recently, and visit a most unusual museum.

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The Asturias Vaqueiro (Cattle Herders') Museum

A way of life gone forever.

A very different take on the romantic cowboys of Hollywood lore, in Asturias, the word 'vaqueiro' describes not just the men, but entire families who until just recently lived a semi-nomadic existence, traveling with their animals and their few possessions from the coast to the mountains and vice-versa, according to the season. In honor of this lost way of life, a museum was opened in Naraval in 2001, a 30-minute ride from Luarca. Here you will see what a humble vaqueiro house was like, as well as a house of a more well-to-do family. You will learn not only how they lived, but also who they were and how they interacted with their relatives despite living largely isolated from the rest of society, as well as the typical folklore of the vaqueiro culture. More information:

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