Asturias is known for its cider, and its best-known manufacturer will give you the full tour.

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The El Gaitero cider factory

The most famous producer of Asturias' famous apple brew.

Asturias is famous for its mostly dry, mildly alcoholic ciders (both carbonated and "natural"), which by the way are a bit different from the British version and quite different from the American. And El Gaitero is a brand famous throughout the Spanish-speaking world, especially popular at Christmas and New Year's. Here outside the coastal city of Villaviciosa is where the magic happens, and visitors are shown the entire process, from apple pressing to fermentation (up to 56,000 litres/14,800 gallons worth). There's also an exposition of products and memorabilia, as well as a tasting room for a little cider-sipping. Cheers!

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