For high-quality, memorable souvenirs, seek out little artisan shops which turn out local specialties.

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Village handicrafts and local products shops

Handcrafted local products.

To bring a genuine bit of Asturias back home with you, we suggest strolling the streets of its small towns and browsing the little shops and workshops you come across for handcrafted local products or foodstuffs. In Cangas de Onís, that would be wood products; in Luarca, leather and ceramics; textiles and rugs in Taramundi; folkloric clothing in Llanes; ceramics in Ribadesella. In many cases, especially if they're made by hand, these products are unique and you'll be able to bring home an authentic treasure. And of course, wherever you go in Asturias you'll find the region's famous madreñas (wooden shoes) in various forms - whether as a actual shoes, in knicknack form as, say a keychain or in miniature, or portrayed in drawings, T-shirts, or what have you.

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