You can tour this grand bit of business built in 1906, or you can check in as today it's a Four Seasons hotel

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Gresham Palace

The Art Nouveau Masterpiece Where You Can Spend the Night

Built by a London-based insurance company in 1906 to house flats and offices for its local employees, the Art Nouveau Gresham Palace can be visit like any other palatial building. But if you've got the money, you can also stay here as it's now the Four Seasons Hotel Budapest Palace. What's more, this luxury hotel also has a 5-star location on the banks of the Danube, opposite Széchnenyi Square and the Chain Bridge. During the Soviet occupation after World War II, it was commandeered as a Red Army barracks, then converted to apartments, which of course over time deteriorated under the Communist regime. After the advent of democracy in 1991, ownership passed to the city and an agreement was signed with Four Seasons to turn it into a luxury hotel. After reopening in 1999, one more major renovation was carried out in 2001. Today it has 179 rooms and 11 suites which allow guests to awake each morning to some rather exclusive views of the city.

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