Crushed ice accompanied by fruit, flavoured syrup and condensed milk. Divine!

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Try an authentic cholado

Perfect for hot days

Enjoying a refreshing cholado is an unmissable date to be marked in red on your tourist schedule. This is a delicious mix of crushed ice, (also known as a raspado (referring to the crushed ice) by the locals, fruit like green apple, banana, pineapple, strawberry or papaw, different flavoured syrups and, to top it all off, condensed milk. The result is a super sweet, generous fruit salad, a perfect solution for hot days; and not only that, it is also said to help with the morning after hangovers. It is usually served in large plastic glasses and you can find it at street stalls around the city, in the Pan American Park, for example. And as we are sure that this will become one of your favourite choices, why not try it in the city of Jamundi, just one hour out of Cali, where it originally came from.

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