Altamira and Palos Grandes

The crème de la crème: districts full of business centers, restaurants, cafés, hotels and embassies.

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Altamira and Palos Grandes

Luxury, Caracas-style.

Luxurious Altamira, the largest business district in the Venezuelan capital, is also home to a large number of cafés and restaurants, as well as major international hotel chains. It is located east of Caracas, in the municipality of Chacao, and has its hub in the Plaza de Francia, dominated by a huge obelisk and a spectacular fountain located right at its feet. Both were built in 1943 at the initiative of Luis Roche, owner at that time of most of these lands. In the town of Chacao, there is also Palos Grandes residential and business district, home to many embassies. This area is well known among Caracans for its famous 'gastronomic block,' which houses a great number of national and international dining establishments. Both districts are reachable by Metro.

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