Improvised art, genuine art, pop art, traditional art... In any shape or form, Caracas offers art.

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Art Galleries

Breathing art.

In many of Caracas' squares and avenues you will find small-time art dealers, but if you're interested in buying genuine pieces, whether paintings, sculptures or antiques, head for the many galleries spread throughout the city. One is the Acquavella Gallery (, founded in 1959 to promote Venezuelan and Latin American contemporary art. To this end, since 1980 it organizes exhibitions of both established and young talent. Very similar is the Okyo Gallery, founded in 1990 to support emerging artists. Finally, it is worth checking out the Ascaso Art Gallery, reminiscent of a museum with its four exhibition floors. This gallery was founded in 1989 in the Venezuelan city of Valencia, and in 2002 inaugurated the important Caracas branch.

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