Avant-garde culture at the "Trasnocho Cultural"

Theater, cinema, photography are all part of Caracas' rich cultural scene, the main objective of the Trasnocho Cultural.

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Avant-garde culture at the

Hooray for culture!

This non-profit association based in the Paseo de las Mercedes shopping center works to promote culture in Caracas through activities such as theater, photography, film and painting. It takes up a whole floor of the complex, with four movie theaters, two stage theaters, and various spaces related to culture: a library, craft shop, record store, exhibition hall... The Trasnocho Theater in particular stands out, born at the end of 2001 and now known as a space for artistic creation and exhibition of a wide variety of shows. And if you want a drink before or after performances, stop by the "Lounge," a former reception hall of the theater that today is a modern and pleasant bar that offers small events, music sessions and individual performances.

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