An artistic walk through the last years of the colonial era and the first years of Venezuelan independence.

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Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art

Small but highly representative.

In this small space you can admire some of the most important works of art of the last years of the colonial period and the first years of the Republic, including some pieces that originally belonged to Simon Bolivar and other leading historical figures of the era. The idea to create such a museum arose around 1911, with the goal of commemorating the first century of independence; the museum did not move to its current site, an ancient colonial home with white walls and a spacious interior courtyard, until the 1960s, however. In its halls you will find historical documents, arms, uniforms, and a great collection of shields of the most important families of the colonial era. The most interesting artifact, without doubt, is the coffin in which Bolivar's remains were transported to Caracas from Santa Marta, Colombia, where he died.

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