Literary recommendations? Try the Suma, Noctua, Templo Interno or Fondo de Cultura Económica bookstores.

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Books and more books.

If you're the type who always leaves a little extra space in your luggage for books, here in Caracas you'll have some decisions to make, because the whole city is awash in book shops. One of the top choices is the Fondo de Cultura Económica (Economics Culture Fund), which despite its dry-sounding name is actually great for chidren's books. The historic Suma book shop on Boulevard de Sabana Grande has been the haunt of some of Latin America's greatest writers, and carries titles that are unique and often not available in other shops. At Noctua, in the Palos Grandes development, the owners love to make individualised recommendations. Poetry mavens should hie to Templo Interno, owned by poet Alexis Romero.

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