The cable car ride ends at El Ávila National Park: highly recommended.

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Flying high over Caracas.

This means of public transportation allows you to enjoy the best views over the center of Caracas, the Tuy valley and the Caribbean Sea. The tour begins at the Maripérez station and ends in Waraira Repano National Park. Once there, you can enjoy Avila Magica, a place where you can skate on ice, stay at the Humbodlt Hotel, watch a 3D movie and have a drink in the many restaurants and kiosks all around, specializing in coffee, chocolate, soft drinks and in general, all kinds of snacks. Another alternative: an excursion to the surrounding area, including the nearby town of Galipán. It is advisable to dress warmly, as the temperature is much lower, and to do so before the middle of the afternoon, as a dense fog usually forms from that moment on, impeding the views.

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