Softer than the arepa, and just as yummy. Another one of those dishes not to miss.

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A starring role for corn.

Another very common and typical Venezuelan dish, like arepas, cachapas are round cornmeal flatbreads, but of finer, softer texture. They're eaten filled with cheese, boiled ham, or both, as well as various other fillings including ground beef, chicken, avocado, and so forth; occasionally also plain, accompanying other dishes. You'll find them in a wide variety of establishments, from fine dining restaurants down to roadside stands, but one of the best known is La Cachapera Doña Inés e Hijos, in the outlying Caracas municipality of El Hatillo. It's simple and unpretentious - plastic tables and chairs, for example - but its cachapas are delicious, generous, and come with various tasty sauces.

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