70 buildings and lovely gardens: an unparalleled UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Central University of Caracas

Unfathomable artistic and cultural treasures.

The most important educational center in Venezuela was born in 1721 as a Pontifical university thanks to a bull from Pope Innocent XIII. It was secularized by an independent Venezuela in 1827, although it was not until the twentieth century that its facilities were transferred to the current campus designed by architect Carlos Raul Villanueva. It is a beautiful place indeed with more than 70 buildings that are perfectly integrated into the surrounding green spaces, the most important of which are the Botanical Gardens and the Central Library. Do take a stroll along its long avenues, where you may admire all manner of works of art, among them paintings, murals and sculptures. The cultural and artistic value of Caracas' university campus is such that in 2000 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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