90 animal species coexisting on 17 acres: jaguars, cougars, monkeys, donkeys ...

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El Pinar Zoo

Amazing animals!

This zoo dates back to 1944, when it was founded on a 17-acre spread that had been home to the first Forestry School of Venezuela, known as Hacienda La Vaquera. Inside, you can admire such exotic species as jaguars, pumas and Capuchin monkeys, although there are also more mundane animals such as donkeys. There are in total some 90 different species, as well as educational workships geared toured young children. During the visit you may run into the Ecological Brigade, a group of youths who act as guides and make sure that visitors respect all the rules, such as not feeding the animals or leaving their waste behind. There is also an area with fast food restaurants that are quite reasonably priced.

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