Do not leave without a stop here, well worth it for the views alone.

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Ezequiel Zamora Park

A park to explore.

This space is known to locals as El Calvario Park, as for many years this was where the procession of the Nazarene of St. Paul took place. The celebration included the transportation of a heavy sculpture up the park's steep path, which reminded Caracans of the Calvary, where Jesus had to carry his cross to be crucified. The park, from which you'll enjoy amazing views of the city, was founded in 1880, although ever since then it has undergone numerous renovations. Among the most important elements: the Arch of the Federation, right at the entrance, and five small and spectacular plazas, among which the one named "Parnassus," with its classical Greek touches, especially stands out. We recommend going by tram, given the altitude of the park, although you may certainly also go on foot.

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