Hannsi is one of those crafts shops where you could easily spend an entire morning.

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Heaven for lovers of local arts and crafts.

Your go-to spot for Venezuelan handicrafts should be Hannsi, located at Calle Bolívar 12 in the outlying municipality of El Hatillo. One of the largest such shops in all of Latin America is replete with the delightful likes of papier-mâché devil masks and religious carvings, as well as hammocks, cigars (in a special humidor room), and other products from all over the country - decorative, useful, or both. There's also a café here to enjoy some delicious Venezuelan pastries with a fabulous cup of coffee. Around here it's not just Hannsi, either - other shops dedicated to handicrafts have sprung up on nearby streets. If you'd really rather not trek all the way out here, another good option in downtown Caracas is Maquita on Avenida Este.

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