A stroll along this street is a must during your visit to Caracas: great history and architecture!

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Promenade of the Heroes

One of those "musts."

To really understand the history of Venezuelan independence, there's nothing better than a stroll along this Promenade of the Heroes, full of fountains, plazas and statues honoring the greatest national heroes. The pièce de résistance is the Monument to the Heroes of the Nation, composed of two great monoliths inside of which you will find statues of Bolivar, Sucre, Urdaneta, Mariño, and other figures of note. All were done by Venezuelan architect Luis Malaussena, along with the interesting bas-reliefs that recall the four great battles for independence. Next to these, three other murals reflect the principal stages of the history of the country: the conquest, the colonial era, and the birth of an independent Venezuela. The immense promenade, which also includes several fountains and a small lake, is where military parades celebrating key dates in the country's history take place.

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