Sambil or San Ignacio are just two on the endless list of Caracas shopping centers. You won't know which to choose.

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Shopping Centers

Shopping therapy on a grand scale.

Caracas has more than 30 shopping centers, and it's very common for families to spend the whole day there, as they are considered safe places with an endless supply of goods. The biggest is Sambil, located near the Chacao subway station. In this impressive five-story complex, you will find shops selling products both mass-produced and exclusive, plus all kinds of restaurants – traditional, Asian, fast food – as well as several cinemas. It also has a large outdoor terrace and often organizes fashion shows, performances and events for children. Another interesting option is the Centro San Ignacio, located in La Castellana, which houses shops and offices. Its two tall towers are joined by a large central space where concerts, cultural events and exhibitions are organized.

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