Visit this National Historic Monument with its imposing yellow walls and great wooden door.

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The Yellow House

Yellow Neo-Classical style.

Located across from the Cathedral, this neoclassical building is quickly recognized by its yellow color, for which it is named. Throughout its history it has served several functions, such as a royal jail, presidential palace and headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Relations. It has also been the site of intense political and social events, such as the first call for the independence of Venezuela, when church canon Cortes de Madariaga called for the Venezuelan people to rise up against the Spanish colonial administration. Of its imposing façade, the most striking element is its great wooden door with its gold ornamentation and ample balcony. Inside, you will find a simple colonial style, with two stories surrounding a central patio. This National Historic Monument may be visited free of charge, along with the library and archives that also form part of the complex.

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