The view from up above will stun you: the Caribbean meets the Caracas skyline. Get the picture?

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Waraira Repano National Park

Jawdropping views.

From this park, which surrounds Caracas on the north, you'll enjoy some truly spectacular views of the city, thanks to its location and altitude. From the upper heights, which form part of the Cordillera de la Costa, you can even see the clear waters of the Caribbean on one side, and the Caracas skyline on the other. It's also the main source of fresh oxygen for the city, which attracts lots of young people who come to exercise, hike, and enjoy the clean air in general. You can get there by bus, though it's preferable to do it via the cable car. If you need directions, you can ask for El Ávila, as this was the name of the park until 2011 (named for previous owner Juan Álvarez de Ávila).

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