Yes, come and admire the magnificent interior but also don't forget the gardens surrounding these palaces.

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Aranjuez Royal Palace, Orchard, and Gardens

A magnificent palace and gardens from Spain's "Golden Age"

During Spain's "Golden Age", Phillip II chose the town of Aranjuez as the perfect place to build a palace amid the natural setting between the River Tagus and the River Jarama. This process, after many modifications, ended up taking two centuries and was finally concluded in 1775 during the reign of Charles III. Inside are surprising spaces such as the music antechambre, the billiard room, Isabella II's bedchamber, the throne room, and the impressive main staircase. Outside, it's surrounded by a quartet of gardens: the Parterre Garden, the Island Garden, the Garden of the Prince, and the Garden of Isabella II. Each of the fountains and statues in these gardens tells a different story. You can also visit the lesser palace, known as the Real Casa del Labrador. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

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