The top tradiitonal eateries with history and pedigree - with Café Gijón front and centre.

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Historic Restaurants

A dozen of Madrid's top historic restaurants.

Madrid has no shortage of restaurants with plenty of history, but only 12 of them are members of the Association of Historic Restaurants and Taverns of Madrid. These are: Bodega de la Ardosa, Botín, Café Gijón, Casa Alberto, Casa Ciriaco, Casa Labra, Casa Pedro, La Casa del Abuelo, La Posada de la Villa, Lhardy, Taberna Antonio Sánchez and Taberna Malacatín. One thing they have in common is hard work and sacrifice from generation to generation, and their goal is to preserve the art of good eating and time-honoured dishes, as well as to recount the city's history through those dishes. Of the 12 mentioned above, perhaps one merits special mention: Café Gijón, founded in 1888 by Gumersindo García, nostalgic for his native Asturias, has become a Madrid icon, changing management over the years but never losing its essence. It became something of a salon for writers and artists throughout the 20th century and is considered Spain's most famous café, as well as an internationally prestigious one.

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