An interesting window into the 17th century at the home of a legendary dramatist who was also a drama queen.

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Lope de Vega House-Museum

Second only to Cervantes in literary terms, poet/playwright Lope de Vega is given his due here.

The great playwright/poet Félix Lope de Vega (1562-1635) was one of the most celebrated literary immortals of Spain's "Golden Age", penning more than 2,000 works and living quite the colourful life: he had 17 children by various lovers, was prone to confronting rivals and at one point was even jailed, then exiled from Castile for two years. In central Madrid just west of the Prado Museum, at Calle Cervantes 13 (Calle Lope de Vega is just a block away) you can visit the house where he lived for 25 years. This is also the site of dramatic events such as the loss of a daughter at age 7, the death of his wife in childbirth, as well as that of one of his more prominent lovers, Marta de Nevares. One catch: the 35-minute tour must be done in a group (maximum of 10) and reserved in advance.

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