In addition to the expected fare from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, some truly astonishing relics from ancient Iberia.

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National Archaeological Museum

New, high-tech accommodation for astounding ancient treasures.

The Museo Arqueológico Nacional (now often referred to simply as MAN) is a huge treasure house containing the history of the Iberian Peninsula going back millennia. It was created by order of Queen Isabella II back in 1867, imitating other European countries which were setting up institutions to preserve and curate the continent's impressive antiquities and distant heritage. It took 30 years to build. Several years ago, it underwent a major renovation and modernisation, re-opening in 2014 as a splendid hybrid of old and new, using cutting-edge technology to present ancient treasures. Highlights include a replica of Altamira Cave with its Neolithic painting; the Visigothic crowns and crosses known as the Treasure of Guarrazar; and perhaps most famously the Lady of Elche, the stone bust dating back to the Iberian peoples of the 4th century BC.

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