Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the soaring of spirit - the Community of Madrid has some of the best spots in Spain for paragliding and ultralights.

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Paragliding & Ultralights

Flying in its purest form.

If you could choose between the superpowers of being invisible or being able to fly, which would it be? If flight's your fancy, then this lofty adventure is for you. There are many places in Spain where you can arrange flights in ultralight aircraft or paragliders, but the Community of Madrid, thanks to local weather and conditions, is one of the most ideal. Ultralight aircraft are small aircraft up to 450 kilos (just under 1,000 pounds) which can reach speeds of 300 kilometres an hour (186 mph) and arranging a 15-minute "baptism of flight" will cost you about 70 euros (100 euros for 30 minutes) - a mere pittance for a unique, possibly even life-changing experience. Another option is a paraglider, which in many ways is experiencing flying at its purest - you'll hear only the sound of the winds rushing by and feel, literally, free as a bird. Hiring one of these costs 110 euros for a flight lasting around 15 minutes (depending on weather conditions). What do you think - are you up to it and up for it?

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