This apple wine is as traditional as it is special, and it's a beverage which is even protected by the government.

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Apple Wine Tasting

Apfelwein in Hesse.

Although it's beer which is the most famous and widely exported drink from Frankfurt and the rest of the country (and rightly so with more than 5000 of their own brands and a tradition that goes back to medieval times), there is another traditional and special beverage in the city that you are in. It's known as 'Apfelwein'. This beverage is a wine which is made from apples and it's said that the taste is similar to that of cider (the Spanish drink which originates from the area of Asturias). It's typical from the district of 'Hesse' which is why we recommend you to try it here in this area. There is a place in the heart of the 'Sachsenhausen' district called 'Zum Gemalten Haus', which is the main place for this unusual alcoholic drink. Besides this, you must know that this beverage is protected. Such is the case that the local government has enforced a law to keep it as the cheapest and most affordable drink in the establishments of this district.

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