Not just for tourists, this is a cultural centre in every sense of the word.

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La Casa Encendida

The home of the avant-garde.

A few metres from the Museo Reina Sofía, you'll stumble across yet another great cultural centre, but this one is more geared towards young people and more alternative urban expression. La Casa Encendida is from the Obra Social de Caja Madrid (Caja Madrid Social Foundation) and is a great place to find out about the very latest in creation. Its agenda is structured around four pillars: culture, education, solidarity (the institution also has a fair trade shop) and the environment. So in one weekend, you can see a photography exhibition about ground-breaking Dutch artists, participate in a haiku workshop and attend a concert which mixes piano and electronic music. You can also visit the library, its multimedia studio, its radio and photography laboratories and cafeteria which pumps out jazz music and you can sink your teeth into their delicious cakes. Upstairs you have the rooftop, a space with an urban garden and seats where you can enjoy the fresh air and perhaps another activity. Children, of course, are more than welcome and there are many workshops on offer to educate them in a contemporary, prejudice-free setting. For more information visit

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